Digital kiosk is a small, stand-alone booth typically placed in high-traffic areas for business purposes. It is an interactive device that provides information as well as self-service unit that can cater to various industry segments such as education, commerce, entertainment, real estate, airports, shopping malls, apartment complexes, public gatherings, exhibitions etc.

As part of onboarding our customers to digital world, we provide Digital Kiosk solutions that

  • Improves Customer Buying Experience
  • Increases Your Customer Base
  • Helps with Branding and Advertising
  • Reduce Costs
  • Helps Save Time
  • Helps Validate Product Ideas

  • Kiosk platform: Our unique proposition of Kiosk platform bridges the Kiosk hardware and Application software. We have an expertise in building the Kiosk platforms and have the ready solutions for Windows, Linux, Android and also custom build platform solutions.

    Kiosk Application software: We provide end to end kiosk software solutions for the below industry segments.

    We also provide the custom build kiosk solutions to address the unique need of the business.

    1)  Builders and residents – Information and Self-service , Complaint management system
    2)  E-Commerce – Billing system, Employee Feedback system
    3)   Education – Library kiosk, Self-learning / Training and Certification system
    4)  Travel - Ticketing System
    5)   Customer feedback system
    6)  Information / Advertisement system and Many more


Our Products

  • DICE , e Airway Bill
  • Lead Management System
  • Service Management System
  • MIST
  • Pediatric Clinic Software
  • Front Desk (dFrontDesk) Software


We provide our expert support to customer in building their products. We help in the following areas:

  • Product conceptualization
  • Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • Product design and development
  • Co-IP Development & Management