Digital economy is changing the way businesses work and serve customers, and the pace of the change is accelerating. Traditional processes and practices are drastically revamped to attain the same. Technologies such as data analytics, mobile, social media & cloud have rapidly changed the way businesses operate across all industries. We., digital technology specialist, enable our customers with various solutions to build Digital platform for their respective businesses and transform them to Digital World.

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement. Research indicates internal gamification can increase employee productivity by 40%. IT industry is a people dominant industry where it is very crucial to manage resources effectively. Companies with the happiest and most engaged employees are among the fastest growing. For gamification to work effectively, the system must be designed with the right actions in mind. Some of the techniques are defining the reward system, create completion amongst employees, let employees know they are valuable to you for their past performance, periodic measurement of KPIs and taking required actions.

With the world moving to digitalization, the customer expects everything to be available at his/her disposal. Mobile is no more a luxury, it has become a basic need for everyone. Accessing anything and everything through mobile is today’s generations moto. With DigitalIT360 mobility services, we change the way our customers do business. With mobility solutions, our focus is to address the user needs with a simple UI and great user experience. With deep experience and expertise in developing mobile solutions, we understand the enormous amount of value that mobility adds to our clients.

  • Software solutions for smart devices
  • iOS, Android windows specific Apps for smart phones
  • Extending existing customer products to mobile solutions

We develop mobile applications as solutions that help companies to communicate with their clients through custom devices of mobile. Leveraging our technological background and industry intelligence, we design and develop applications of mobile that are user-friendly and facilitate quick and easy processing of data. Our mobility solutions and services address the consumer applications area as well as enterprise applications for collaboration, field-force productivity, and support engagement.

With our experience in application development, DigitalIT360 can create solution to meet the most challenging IT problems across industries. We will help you with our deep technology experience, domain expertise, intelligent architectures, program management skills and capability to innovate. We support our clients through out the development life cycle with our industry experience to provide them with the most efficient solution to address their challenges.

  • We expertise in all the technologies such as Java, J2EE, .Net, Android (list a few more) as well as on emerging technologies like R, Python, Angular JS etc.
  • We have good experience in age old methodologies like waterfall and the latest development models like Agile.

  • Application Transition
  • Build - Operate - Transfer
  • Operations Support
  • Continuous improvement

  • With the changing world the way to maintain applications is also changing. Application Maintenance is not only about ‘Keeping the lights on’, where the only job of the support team was to make sure that application is running without any errors. Now, Application maintenance is also about improving efficiencies, increasing productivity and achieving optimization Digital IT 360 Managed Services framework is aligned with ITIL and enables its customers year-on-year to achieve more for less. Our motto is to Eliminate, Automate and Optimize which briefly means wherever possible eliminate the waste, automate manual/redundant activities and optimize the inefficiencies

We support the customer in the following areas :

  • End to end product testing
  • Verification & validation
  • Test Automation

With ever increasing customer interface devices on web like browsers, mobiles and tablets it is crucial for any application to be fully validated for correctness and consistent experience. Our integrated software testing services help allow our clients to roll out applications with confidence. Our software validation methodology and processes are based on industry best practices and we deliver a great service at the right price.